About Us

BONGOMIN Support Services is registered in Uganda. Registration No. 151872 and it was founded in 2004, by Patrick Bongomin L Oloya.

The founder is an engineer and with Bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Whilst in the United Kingdom, he learnt his craft in Engineering and Project Management with a reputable global Company WS ATKINS. This gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his Engineering and Project Management skills in different part of the world including United Arab Emirates and Uganda.

BONGOMIN Support Services began its operation in the building and construction services, and have expanded to managing engineering projects and supplying building and construction materials.

Our aims are:

To support our clients in undertaking building and construction, and engineering projects in Uganda and Africa.

Our goals are:

To operate our services across Africa.

To retain our bases in Africa, at the ground level of our operation.

To keep providing our services where it is needed, in the cities, towns and rural parts of Africa for better development.

To bring jobs where it is needed, in the local communities and rural parts of Africa.

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